What is Flux Moped?

Easy, Fun, Sensible are a few words to describe this new transportation engine in the market. Flux Moped offers an alternative to how we currently travel from point A to point B. The creators in Madison, WI calls it Your Local Ride and aims to put it in every street and community in America. 

Flux Moped is an electric moped. The EM1 model reaches speeds of 38 mph and gets up to 50 miles per charge. It can be charged at a normal outlet. Flux Moped is low maintenance, easy to park, easy to haul, built with quality and current buyers deem it very reliable. They follow a manufacture to order system.

As a dealership that specializes in the field of mobility, we want to bring this new concept of mobility to Effingham. Can you picture yourself picking up your groceries with Flux Moped? We can! 

Order yours today. 

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